Discolored Tooth in Boston and Lynnfield

Internal Bleaching of a Discolored Tooth

Having a great smile is one of the best ways to feel confident about yourself and to make a great first impression on others. But as you go through life, the beauty of your smile can come under attack in many ways. Tooth decay, cracked or chipped teeth, or teeth that become infected and discolored can undermine your ability to look your best.

A simple treatment can save your natural teeth

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Discolored teeth can be fixed in a number of ways. There are many over-the-counter products such as whiteners, pastes and bleaching trays, but they are not nearly as effective or as strong as whitening and brightening processes that are available through dental professionals such as Boston Endodontics.

Professional teeth whitening services use higher quality and stronger products, meaning that results are longer lasting. Most times, results can be obtained in a single visit, making it one of the quickest and most affordable ways to improve your smile.

In fact, overall, according to the American Dental Association, teeth whitening in all its forms remains one of the most popular esthetic dental treatments.


Most teeth whitening solutions are applied to the outside of the tooth either at home or by a trained dental professional. This is called extracoronel bleaching. But in some cases, intracoronel bleaching, also known as internal bleaching, is the best course of treatment. Internal bleaching is performed only in a dental office and is done after a successful root canal treatment.

Not everyone is a candidate for internal bleaching and each case is evaluated on its own set of circumstances. Good candidates are teeth that become discolored from some sort of dental trauma that causes the discoloration to start from the interior of the tooth and travel outwards until it becomes visible on the surface.

The tooth and pulp need to be repaired before bleaching can take place. This means undergoing a successful root canal.

How internal bleaching works

Internal bleaching is used to lighten a discolored tooth that been repaired through a root canal treatment. A chemical oxidizing agent is placed in the coronal portion of the tooth using bleach crystals that are placed inside the tooth.

Chair-side bleaching takes place when the crystals are left for a short period of time and then removed by the dentist before a patient leaves the office. The procedure may be repeated more than once if the tooth is severely discolored.

A walking bleach treatment takes place when the bleach crystals are placed inside the tooth and left for several days. The patient returns to the dentist’s office and the crystals are removed. Walking bleach treatments may also be performed more than once, if needed.

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